ICDL Computer Training

Company Overview

AdvantageIT is an ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) Training Centre which was established to provide professional, economical computer training to individuals, businesses, educational institutions, NGO's and government institutions. AdvantageIT is registered as an ICDL Training and Testing Centre with ICDL South Africa which administers the ICDL certification in South Africa.

The ICDL is the world's leading computer skills certificate programme and is fast gaining recognition locally. Both government and private organisations and institutions are starting to see the benefits of the ICDL and employees are being encouraged to attain the qualification.

Vision Statement

AdvantageIT endeavours to be recognised as a professional, respected and leading computer skills training centre in the region.

Mission Statement

  • Respond to the ever-changing computer training market with the most relevant and current solutions for our clients

  • Demonstrate a constant commitment to clients success

  • Creatively meet each client’s specific requirements through our self paced and
    instructor-led courses.

  • Provide advice and treat each client with care and understanding.

  • Maintain visible and meaningful partnerships with our communities.

  • Ensure that we meet the highest standards for quality training products and services.

  • Create opportunity for growth and success of AdvantageIT.

  • Excel in the delivery of superior computer skills training.

  • Provide a warm and friendly learning environment.

  • Employ caring, professional and knowledgeable staff.


AdvantageIT offers the International Computer Driving Licence certification programme which is endorsed by the Computer Society of South Africa. AdvantageIT is also registered with ICDL South Africa, an international non-profit organisation which administers the training and testing.